Safety Kit

Once you have booked your ground school course  you will find out you need a load of safety equipment.

I would before buying everything I have listed here, wait until you have started and then see what your training provider suggests you need/ what they can sell you.

The only thing not listed here is a spectrum analyser and that is because I found it really difficult to get hold of one.

If you are taking your flight test quickly after ground school, then at least you will have links enabling you quickly to make purchases. I spent hours sourcing everything I need on the shopping list from Resource Group.

This should save you loads of time. I am sorry if any links are out of date. Please note I earn no money from sharing these links




Hi vis vests x 2
I added logos and words which meant it took 2 weeks for things to turn up. You can get
Hi-vis vests for 99p that will do the job.
2 x hard hats – you won’t use these on the flight test but you need to show you have them, because you could work on construction sites, also if you plan to do hand catching its recommended
Don’t have these with logos on its not worth the extra money, a lesson learnt by me. You can get those from the above supplier.
2 x Safety glasses, again if there is a time that your flight assistant is going to be hand catching.   I had those anyway as I have filmed a lot on construction sites in the past. Again available from the above link
1 x Cut gloves for the hand catching, the idea is that the blades then won’t cut the assistants fingers.  I am not sure I will ever be asking anyone to hand catch a drone! But I am prepared and could demonstrate my safety equipment
4 x lipo bags   Amazon link to lipo bags   – another blog post covers why you need these.
These took a while to arrive – Heliguy have them in stock – but not on website so you have to call them to place the order
Take off matting
 You can purchase branded logo take off matts if you have money to burn as I haven’t found an affordable one as yet.  These for me if the FOD is bad on the ground they cover it and also good as you can vary the size of your take off / landing area.
1 x electronic – fire extinguisher
Fire blanket x 1
Safety tape – / barrier tape – I bought mine and it  was sticky tape , which is not what I needed. I got it from a DIY shed. You can get safety tape from ebay or amazon
Pop up traffic cones x 5  – I have 7 because I felt I needed more
Amazon link to traffic cones   I actually found a supplier that did a set of 5 and there was a bit of saving for bulk purchases.
 – you will need a 9v battery and philips screw driver to get in to change the battery,
I say this as it arrived the morning of the test and caused me a bit of additional stress.
I had been using something else on my practice flights. First one I bought cost £35 plus p&P and came and it was smaller than a mobile phone.
First aid box/ kit  – I already had one  -but here is one at a good size and price
A cart to carry it around got mine from B&Q as its the only one that will fit in the car   – NOTE TO FIT EVERYTHING IN YOU NEED TO PRACTICE PACKING IT IN A SET ORDER!
3 x navigation maps – For central England, Wales,  North & boarders – feel I won’t be going to the south to fly.  You could  just get one for the area where you are taking your flight test  and the area where you are planning on working.
 – If you can’t find what you are looking for please ring them, the site is not very user friendly. I have bought my maps from other suppliers and they were expensive for p&p. You may also want to purchase an aviation ruler.
Safety Signs, I am planning on buying some road signs.  For the flight test,
I designed printed off these and laminated them  hole punched them and use them by  attach to the cones or gates with cable ties.
 I plan to purchase some bigger ones soon.
So thats it folks, the extra equipment you need to acquire for safe flights.  If you find your training provider has said you won’t need items please let me know so I can update this blog post.
Happy safe flying
As of 26th of September 2016 – ALL links working except the B&Q link this may be working soon so leaving in place.

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