The DJI Inspire 2 – first look


One of the most exciting things for me at the UK Drone show at the weekend 4th /5th Dec was getting to see the DJI inspire 2 on the DJI stand.   There are very few of them in the UK and pre orders have not started dispatching yet.

Unfortunately I did not get to fly it and didn’t see it flying.  I am blown away by the constant innovation by DJI, the year alone they have four new drones.  That’s one every three months, heaven knows what their R&D department are developing currently.


So when I was on the stand, there was a man who was having a quick whinge about DJI and why the batteries are not the same and why this isn’t the same, and how he really now dislikes DJI.  I said to him that the batteries would not be the same due to the technological advancements that they are making. There are no pleasing some people and yes, I get the changes bring costs or you could just be satisfied with what you have and just be impressed how fast drone technology is moving.

I think drone manufacturers are not changing the batteries so they get more money from us the consumers, but because they are finding better ways to achieve flight and provide better technology.

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Drone technology is changing and moving forward all the time, I have only just purchased an inspire 1 and I love it.  Was a bit gutted that inspire 2 was launched three weeks later but then I sort of expected it.

The reason I bought an inspire 1 second hand, hardly used is because I have to cut my cloth.  This doesn’t mean I don’t covet the latest, I do and one day I will be ahead of the game and buy when something new is released.  Actually I did I bought a phantom pro 3 on a wait list and I still love that drone.

So to the Inspire 2, it is a craft of beauty there is no doubt that the matt metallic finish of the main body looks expensive  a result of the use of magnesium-aluminium alloy like a sleek sports car.  It looks expensive and it is, you will be paying for the new technology enhancements.

Quick breakdown of costs

To have what I have now, an inspire, 3 x batteries, dual controllers and a box to carry it around .

The Inspire 2  costs £3059.00,  adding the cheapest camera is the DJI Zenmuse 4XS and gimbal £629,  a minimum  of two batteries £179 each,  controller x 2 £569 each, and £254 for the case. Totals £5438.  This is more than my car is worth!  This would be the cheapest option as you add in the different cameras and the additional batteries plus the DJI CINESSD cards that start at £309 for 120gb and go up to £909 for the 480gb this is when it starts to get very expensive.  The use of the CINESSD cards mean you can simultaneously record to microSD card.  For the higher quality codecs, not that any TV production company are demanding these yet.

I know camera equipment is expensive but currently not sure who will be able to justify this purchase unless you are flying professionally perhaps twice a week.  I know that the BBC Natural History unit will probably get one but then if Planet earth III is commissioned it will be totally justified.

Slightly out of focus, DJI Zenmuse x5s camera

What are you getting for your money?

Duel batteries give redundancy and increases reliability in the air

Self heating batteries for filming in colder climates

Higher spec recording on the cameras – you can get these for the inspire 1 v2 but the option to record simultaneously with different codec. Not sure if this means you can be writing two different codecs or same codec at the same time probably the latter.

Currently a choice  of 2 different camera options, the DJI Zenmuse x5s that can be purchased with or without a lens and the  DJI Zenmuse x4s which is a fixed lens camera and gimbal

New visioning sensor technology

67 Miles per hour top speed with 27 mins of flying time so, a faster platform and one that flies for longer because of those new batteries.

The beautiful  magnesium aluminum composite body with carbon fiber arms.

For more tech specs,  I would visit the DJI pages directly or have chat with your dealer.

Will I be buying one?  I would love to but currently that would be a no, mainly because I need a lot more equipment for normal film making that is not as specialist as this.

There is no getting away from the fact that DJI are investing in the new technology, whatever drone you buy these days will be superseded very quickly and therefore new iphone syndrome should be nipped in the bud if, you value your relationships and homes!

Invest in what you can afford and then learn to use it to the best of your ability!

If you can afford one please let me know what its like to fly even better let me test fly one

The Drone Lass

UK Drone Show 2016


Today was the 2nd Drone Show, the only one in the UK aimed at general enthusiasts, hobbyists, passionate drone flyers and those thinking of turning professional.

It’s a brilliant event and if you missed attending, I will be sharing my highlights over the coming week.  Although I am currently on a 3 week freelance project at the BBC.  I will be doing everything to share the exhibits and happenings at the show. Even if it means a few late night posts.

NEC Birmingham is the centre of the UK and people had travelled not only from all over the UK but from as far as France and the Silicon Valley, USA.  The draw is the excitement and interest in drones that is just not going away.

We have a lot of home grown talent in the form of drone entrepreneurs selling their ideas that support those who are creating a commercial drone venture. To the talented FPV pilots who are racing for big prize money, exciting and intoxicating even from a spectators point of view.  Not hard to see how Sky sports are adding  The Drone racing league to the Sky Sports mix channel.

As regular readers you will know how much I love technology and the innovation in the drone industry is like no other industry with its growth and innovation. Feel lucky to have attended today.  What is good about this event is you really can see new drones as they arrive to the market.  I managed to get up close and personal with a DJI Inspire 2 one of very few in the country as currently there is a wait list as it’s not even started shipping yet. It was as compelling as the marketing film from DJI.

DJI inspire 2, The dream machine that everyone is talking about.

There were Drones worth a cool £40K plus being exhibited and for sale.  Drones that are resistant to water, so can fly in misty and damp weather something that DJI or Yuneec haven’t mastered yet, only a matter of time that is for sure.

For those with a more moderate budget there were drones from £29.99 small and fun for children and adults alike, sentimental china trinkets and breakable family heirlooms need to be hidden on Christmas morning from enthusiastic pilots who will most likely crash indoors.  Very much part of the fun with the tiny drones.

A show like this is great for meeting new people and making connections, lots of chat about drones, this is another reason I love this industry

Here’s to a great week.

The Drone Lass

Carys x

Aerigon drone, approx cost $100,000! A big beast thats for sure