Up Up and away

Hello Happy July to you!

The hens loved my brightly coloured and patterned wellies! 

That was June over in a flash not a moment to blog!  Lost of practice flights when it was calm and hot and then one professional shoot with the drone.  This was at  free range egg farm, the photos may be a give away. It was a brilliant day and when the film comes out I will share with you the highs and lows of the shoot when the commercial comes out on UK TV.

Inspire and chickens
Don’t worry no hens were harmed in the flying for this commercial!

Many of June’s flights despite that beautiful UK weather were postponed. Mainly because the production companies for logistical reasons can’t schedule the rest of the shoot quickly around the weather. Dates keep being heavy penciled to then be pulled due to wind and rain!

Lots of enquires about flying in the centre of cities and towns so next year, I think I will start looking at creating an enhanced operating safety case (OSC)

Some amazing guest blog posts and Q&A’s coming up in July plus some kit reviews.

Have a great day, whatever you are doing today

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