How to use FilmConvert

I am now a judge in the competition for FilmConvert read about it here.

So what is FilmConvert and how can in enhance your drone footage?

Photocredit: FilmConvert


FilmConvert is both a software plugin for editing packages and also a standalone software that helps enhance and make easier the colour grading of your footage.

What is brilliant about it is it’s very easy to use and also they have camera profiles including ones for drones.

You can download a version for free to try it out and then if you decide to purchase you can then take the watermarks off your footage.

My clients love films I create using FilmConvert, I have been able to enhance and change the mood with the use of colour grading and the filmic look. One example is a cycling film I have just created for a brand where the client wanted it to look bleak and wintery. Filmed in the summer this was possible, I was blessed that day with cloud cover mostly so this helped but its down to the use of FilmConvert that I was able to achieve the brief.  I can’t share this with you yet as the brand launch hasn’t taken place as yet and is still under wraps.

Photocredit: FilmConvert

Sometimes I use the camera profiles and sometimes I don’t as they may not exists for your exact drone camera that’s ok you can still use the software.   I can’t rave about it enough.

This video by my fellow judge in the FilmConvert 2017 film comp, premiere gal aka Kelsey Brannan here in this video she explains what FilmConvert is and how to load it and how to use it.


Recently there was a discussion on one of the drone forums how should you deliver your footage colour graded or not? What camera profile?  My advice ask the client do they want a flat image that needs grading or do they want it graded?  Using FilmConvert may not be the ideal solution for your client because you could be adding grain and the rest of the footage they may not be able to match up in the edit.  This goes for any software not just FilmConvert.  Using FlimConvert you can still fine tune the exposure and change the white balance. It’s probably a lot easier using FilmConvert.

The consensus on the forum is that your footage is a reflection of you and that if someone questions the quality who shot this rubbish it’s your reputation so you should colour correct before you send and I would beg to differ. You should always check what the client wants however you may be able to rescue some bad mistakes you have shot but don’t do this too much you risk things not matching up in the edit if there is another camera being used.

I have managed to match footage up from the Inspire 1, GoPro 5 and panasonic GH5 using FilmConvert but then I was delivering the whole film to the client my fully edited and colour graded.  This is because of the camera profiles it is very sophisticated

I hope this explained a bit more about FilmConvert but for more in-depth explanations please visit the FilmConvert and check out the tutorials and information

Have a great day may it be filled with colour

The Drone lass


Please visit the FilmConvert website

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FilmConvert Competition


FilmConvert competition launched on the 28th of August and you have up to and including the 9th of October to enter. I was honoured to be asked to judge the Non- narrative category because of my specialist drone work and work for various sports companies and sports broadcasters.

Why should you enter film competitions? There are several reasons and one is to challenge yourself as  filmmaker, set yourself a creative challenge or if you haven’t completed a film yet it’s the perfect time to have a go.  Win prizes this competition has great prizes to get your filmmaking career off to a huge start or add to your kit if already a seasoned filmmaker. If I had seen the prizes I think I would have said hold on can I not judge and enter instead.  Industry recognition nothing like winning a film competition to boost your standing in the industry or on job applications.  Increase confidence, nothing like winning or getting down to finalist status to increase your professional confidence. I can confirm the latter two as my work on BBC Body Confidence campaign was entered into four industry awards, I was a finalist in three and won a bronze Lovie award for best use of film for social media and we got through to the final three of the audience vote.  It was a total game changer for me, it opened doors and has boosted my confidence.


What the FilmCovert judges 2017 are looking for? On a launch webinar we were all asked the question so here in brief and surmised is what we are looking for.

2017 FilmConvert Judges

What are the judges wanting to see?

The Drone Lass (aka Carys Kaiser) me 😉  Judging category :Non narrative  which to me mean drones, sports and action cams I am looking for adrenaline and perhaps to be on the edge of my seat if it’s action camera,  but equally it could be beautiful shots, using any techniques that you have.  If it’s drones please make sure it’s legal in the country you are shooting.  If you don’t have a drone don’t be put off entering non-narrative could use other techniques, go pros, gimbal or may be just a camera.

James Tonkin: Judging category :Music Video – Looking for something unique, pushing the creative element of the music videos, letting your imagination run wild.

Philip Bloom: Judging category :Documentary – looking for an engaging story, something he hasn’t seen before, something that connects him to the subject. Looking for really good visuals as well as a good story.  This can still be simple shots that don’t get in the way of the story but they still need to look good. Don’t feel you need to put loads of tricks and use too many toys to tell the story, because these could distract the audience from the core story you are trying to tell. A fine line between tricks and techniques as they do add but not to be distracting it’s about composition, lighting and good sound.

Henry Martens Judging category :Wedding –  He would like to see something different, from the usual storyline of the day.  Can you take the getting ready, arrival at venue, ceremony, speeches and first dance and show him something different creatively in your output?

Kelsey Brannan (aka premiere gal) Judging category :Corporate/ Commercial  looking for simplicity how colour is complementary and adding to the story. Even though is corporate she would like it to have that human element, whilst also looking to for something that is unique and different.

Tom Antos Judging category :Creative is looking for something that has a bit of everything, good sound, good music and good visuals, good colour grading but most importantly it’s about good pacing don’t drag out a 5 minute story to be longer than it needs to be.  Think about the structure.

What we are all looking for is good use of the colour grading in your film. 

Photocredit :FilmConvert

I know some of you that read this blog are new to filmmaking so I will do a quick explanation about what FilmConvert is in the next blog post and how you use it.  Please visit their website as it does explain it in more depth than I will be covering.

You don’t have to own the software you can download it for free and submit your film with the trial version, so there are no excuses.

I am really looking forward to seeing the entries and know I am going to feel so inspired watching them all.

Please visit the FilmConvert website for information about the competition and the terms and conditions etc.

Good Luck

The Drone Lass