Flying High


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMonday 23rd of July, I flew the drone on a Live OB  Outside broadcast for BBC Breakfast. It took nearly half a day’s planning mainly because all those that had done a live feed from a drone were not available so Ian (BBC Broadcast engineer) and myself had to chat to people who had done it before.

BBC Broadcast Engineer Ian, checking everything working

I will be writing a blog post on how it was done as several of you have asked me and contacted me by social media or by email, so I promise I will do that.

I have never flown Live on air before and that needed planning and also the segment was so that you could see the the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue drone up in the air at their HQ, another first. Normally it is just me flying with an assistant!

So lots of discussion about air space separation and how it would be co-ordinated as a live segment.  BBC Breakfast was looking at 6 months after the NESTA Flying High challenge was launched.

Flying High is a project where for six of so months, five cities have been running projects to look at the uses of drones in our cities.  West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue had been using the drone for a few months before the project started and has proved invaluable in June and July with the wildfires, They are now expanding their operations with greater technical capacity and more Drone teams

It was great experience meeting everyone.

Now to this Monday’s adventure

Have a great week

The Drone Lass x




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