The World of Drones Congress

WoDC Bris, Qld, Aust

In just over a month before I head out to the The World of Drones Congress. (WoDC) in Brisbane. I was invited back in December 2018 and got official request to attend in February. It felt like a life time ago but as with all things,  it is now fast coming up on the horizon. I feel very honoured to be invited.

Since  I have known about the WoDC, I have wanted to attend but to be invited as a speaker is really beyond what I could have thought could happen.  For me it looks like the one event that is more about the business opportunities and the sharing of knowledge to springboard your business.   Rather than just about the new tech and not just about networking but also about the real global business opportunities.

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What is The World of Drones Congress and why you should attend?

The World of Drones is a global congress with workshops, presentations and meetings and if you are serious about building business on the global stage then this for you and your business.

There are genuine opportunities to build business in Queensland Australia back in December 2018, I was invited to the  High Commission of Australia in London and listened to all of the trade opportunities that exist in Australia. I think from the UK we may not think about the Australian opportunities open to us and now it is time to think more about a global stage. ( I am not mentioning the B word here on purpose)

Australia has had drone laws for 17 years and has a lot of innovation and investment which was revealed at this presentation in London.  Queensland in particular appears to be like the silicon valley of Australia for drone tech.  Opportunities for entrepreneur visas are available in Australia.  If you have that entrepreneur spirt and that is connected to drones then what are you waiting for? Book a ticket and come and network and see what Queensland and Australia has on offer.

There are people from all over the world attending, Japan, America, China, New Zealand  Europe as well as people from the Australian states and beyond.

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You could also spend some time doing some exploring and tourist activities 


What else is on at The World of Drone Congress?

Apart from all the speakers who are experts in scientific research, humanitarian, SAR (Search and rescue), and creative industries.  There are workshops, exhibitors who are exhibiting their tech innovations, an educational workshop for school students and also a health and safety workshop.

I am really looking forward to hearing for experts from around the world on the latest technology the policies, research and applications of drones.  Meeting people from all over the world that are as passionate about drones as myself.

My session is Session 3.2: Business, Movies & Media on Thursday 26 SEP 19 from 1330 to 1500.  I will be talking about the use of drones in visual story telling the UK and techniques all drone ops can use to improve their visual story telling all the lessons I have learnt so far as TV camera operator and TV director,  condensed into this presentation.

Please come and say hello at the end of the session if you are attending.

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The Drone Lass


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