UK Drone Registration – 30th November Deadline.


Reminder : – You have until midnight tomorrow 30th November to register and there are various scenarios covered by this useful blog post from Elliot Corke from Drone Training

In brief, register as an operator and pay £9 and then do the online test.

If you are already pro with a PFCO you don’t have to do the test but are required to have an exemption certificate from the CAA – which you email them for.

I just did the test and have printed out the certificate and will have a copy of my insurance, a copy of my PFCO and have marked my drones.

Questions I keep being asked one regularly is I have my drone but don’t intend to fly it now till after Christmas – what do I do?  Well you can register and do the test before you fly if you don’t have time now.  If however you do fly and you are not registered then you are breaking the law and can be fined unto £1000. My recommendation is to do it ASAP, that way you won’t forget.

I have a drone and I only use it abroad / Europe do I need to register? I would check with the country you are planning on flying in, for the laws of where you are allowed to fly as a recreational drone pilot.  Then also what are they are wanting with regards to drone registration. This registration scheme is to align with EASA – European Union Aviation Safety Agency and the rules governing Europe, you should register in your home country but till we are all fully aligned you might need to register in that country as well. Further research is required.  In the future I believe you won’t need to register in each country you fly in. All European countries are to be aligned by July 2020.

You may be traveling to a country where their drone registration has not opened yet.  In which case just follow those drone laws.

How hard is the test? The test although not easy it is set to teach you about the law we currently have for recreational drone flying and also thinking about safety, weather conditions and your drone.

How long does the test take?  
Approx 20 minutes – however I took mine at speed whilst being filmed by ITV News which was a bit stressful, and can report I passed full marks.

What happens if I fail the test?  You can take it as many times as you like and just go back and read the course materials.

What happens next? You get an email to confirm both your operator number/ registration  (£9)  and your pilot registration via the test process (free), put the number on your drone and carry your pilot registration with you – you can show the electronic version to police if you are asked.

Click on this link to go to the CAA website

Please note just because you have registered your drone done the test you are not able to operate commercially, that is for any money. If you are employing a drone pilot you need to check that they have a PFCO and insurance and that is the way you will know you are employing a professional. 

Have a wonderful weekend.  On to December now and the slow down for the end of the year

The Drone Lass







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