Happy New Year! Farewell 2019.


There is a lot of summing up going on, blogs and news outlets and social media posts which is good but as someone who doesn’t plan too much and doesn’t do resolutions and with a tendency for a very positive outlook, I can tend to be tinged with sadness. I don’t want to look back at the last year and last decade too much.

Professionally I should plan and react more.  Hell I haven’t even wrote up about my Australian trip to World of Drones congress. I can only cite lack of time or because I now take timeout to rest, but next year less social media for me – I will still post but limit the mindless scrolling, maybe that will free up some time?   A difficult one as most of my work and network comes from social media.  No more TV box sets I might have only just joined a streaming service but this holiday I have done a lot of binge watching and it’s not good for me. I am happy to be out of the cultural TV loop!  I know TV people who don’t own a TV, I won’t go that far!

At the start of the decade Drones were in their infancy but technology was being developed and has exploded so much that you can get a drone from a high street store in most parts of the world. It is mind blowing that we are now going into the year that sci-fi chose as iconic date.  It looks like we have driverless cars on their way, and we have drone taxi’s and they will become more common.

Where we are at now is that we have pressing issues in the environment, plastic pollution, animals and insects going extinct at an alarming rate, global warming is happening. The world on fire from the Arctic to Australia.

2018 was devastating on my own door steps the moors burnt for weeks. I truly believe that drones will help will be developed to counteract some of the issues we are facing.  The Plastic tide is one such application where drones are assisting and there are a lot more and I plan to cover some of those in blog posts in the New Year. (yeah, I am not setting any goals)   I have seen the future of all the possibilities by some of the industry leaders speaking at the drone events I have been at this year.

What do you think we will see in drone tech in the next decade? What developments? I think automation will become more common place and perhaps drone pilots will not exist at all.  Who knows but I look forward to it unfolding.  Next year we have here in the UK the EASA regulations being adopted it is not going to be the simple process but I am happy to be guided by the CAA and Eliot and Jonathan from Drone training.

In 2019 – I never expected it to unfold as it it did, I have had many opportunities that I feel so lucky to have had. To become a drone training instructor has been just amazing. Thank you to the whole team at Drone Training, especially Eliot and Jonathan for having faith in me. It’s been an amazing learning opportunity joining the team.   Got to fly for some amazing TV productions and companies.  Thank you to Eastwood Media for the opportunity to pilot and camera operate for you.  Thank you to all at World of Drones Congress, especially Dr Catherine Ball.

Thank you to every single reader of this blog, social media interaction, likes of images.  Thank you to all the clients that have booked me for TV camera jobs – working for BBC Breakfast has been a goal achieved and has given me confidence in my ability and will drive to be better.  Film making  and directing work thank you clients excluding social cuts I have made 73 short form films and edited most of them.  All those who attended my creative drone workshops massive thank you.  Thank you. Thank you for the opportunities to appear on panels discussing drones, tech and gender diversity in the industry.  Thank you The Photography Show– glad to be coming back in 2020 . Thank you to the Universities that booked me to do guest lectures and demos.  Thank you to Women Who Dronewho gave me the opportunity to cover at The Commercial UAV show.

To The Female UK Drone collective – we will sort out some meet ups in 2020 I promise.

Make your resolutions and your goals if that is your thing, raise a glass if that is your thing. Drink tea in your PJs or party like a wild thing.  If you feel a bit melancholy don’t, either meet up with some friends or just go to bed and get up tomorrow is just another day with a new numerical value. Then fly a drone with a clear head, walk, run or cycle. Don’t compare yourself to others online it always looks like everyone is having an amazing time.  Some of it looks easy and gifted when actually there has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes lots and lots of hours, along with the manatory, blood sweat and tears!

Here is to more tech developments in the next decade, here is to drones saving more lives and helping us with the environmental challenges we face.   Here is to more kindness in the world, and less nastiness on the internet! Here is to working with others that enhance your life and become life long friends you know who you are 😉

Happy New Year

From me

The Drone Lass




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