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For a while I had been thinking of writing every Friday about Freelance tips, then in January I got ill with a coughing virus – no idea if this was The virus or just a virus? Then I had surgery minor but it knocked me off my feet for most of February. I was also lacking in motivation I think I needed my brain to heal as well. Bless the NHS, I felt so grateful then and much more now.  I am just getting my motivation back and the whole world stops.  So this explains my absence for the last 3 months.

This blog post will have some links to help UK Freelancers and UK Freelance TV Pros, then I will be doing general posts in future for freelancing in general.


I know many freelancers the main priority is support financially and if you are in Film and TV,  I am going to list some useful places as I am not an expert.

Best source I have found is Martin Lewis – Money Saving expert has a show on ITV on a Thursday.  He is great even if you are not from the TV industry but he does seem to have some of the answers

BECTU are doing an excellent job talking to the treasury and I urge you to join if you can. I have been a member for so many years they are a great resource.

ScreenSkills as well are lobbying aswell but main thing they are doing is supporting mental health, they are also running training sessions which will be going online at somepoint.

Facebook group –People who are available for work in TV – name of group aside this has some very good champions of the cause, and lots of advice.

Then also Film and TV Charity– are assisting with hardship payments don’t know much more but also they are supporting mental health. Please go and look at those pages and text a friend if you are suffering. At this time more than ever we need to keep reaching out.

If you are a freelancer or small business in the UK then these handy flowcharts produced by Helen Fleet of  AJ Fleet and Co

For self employed :-

Screenshot 2020-04-03 at 14.56.13

For the small business owner

Screenshot 2020-04-03 at 14.55.43

What ever you do, don’t panic speak to your accountant.  Check all business outgoings and also all personal outgoings and what can you cancel. I have cancelled all those things I can and that have no benefit to me currently.

If you run a UK drone company PFCO renewals are being extended by 3 months.  Read the handy blog guide from Elliot from Global Drone Training

Stay safe and well

The Drone Lass





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