Airwards – Nomination

I am not one to ask for testimonials from companies or people I have trained, I live by a quote that says

‘What people think about you is none of your business’.

I think it is a good measure when I get rebooked and also when a client gives feedback I respond. It’s good to know when you are not delivering expectations and how can you improve. However if you are on social media, write a blog and put your head above the parapet its probably more freeing to think of the quote. It is freeing as you are not thinking what people are thinking of you.

To my surprise I was contacted by the organisers of this the Air Awards as I had been nominated by a number of people. I debated if I were to share these and I decided as I often focus on the negatives I would actually post. The category I have been nominated in is people’s choice so I need to request votes. Because also imagine to my surprise I actually I would like to win this thing! You have till end of 20th of May to vote.

So if I have helped you, entertained you, you have read this blog I would love for you to vote for me.

Vote here Carys Kaiser Person – Industry impactor

Thank you for your support

Fly safe



The nominations sent in are below.

Name of nominee:  Carys Kaiser 

Category you’ve been nominated for:  Person – Industry Impactor 
Supporting statement we’ve been provided with:  Carys is an inspiration to all who want to understand more about drones, especially women. She promotes safe practice, uses her spare time to inform, educate and encourage those within the drone world. She set up a UK facebook group especially for women, to provide a safe and welcoming space to share knowledge and learn from peers. She has also appeared on national TV as a spokesperson for drones and uses any media, blog or spokesperson opportunity to highlight the incredible work that drones are doing. She is one of a very small number of female drone flight instructors in the UK, and uses both this, and her blog, to educate and inform. I know she is responsible for many more female pilots joining the UK ranks! On a personal level though, she has inspired me to qualify as a pilot, trained me, encouraged me and has even linked me in to job opportunities in the drone world. Instead of keeping opportunities to herself she has been so excited to share these opportunities with me. She has been an ally and a friend, and she really deserves recognition for the work she does.

MOD trainer, World of Drones Congress speaker, BBC Breakfast drone pilot… On top of her 15 years as a camera operator, Carys has 6 years experience working in the drone industry, and as one of the few female drone pilots in the world. Yet she deserves credit not just for her gender but for her continued support in challenging and developing the possibilities the drone industry can offer. Carys has such a variety of experience with drones, she is my go-to person whenever my production company requires aerial shots. I know she is reputable, she is regularly working for BBC for broadcasting purposes, independent companies for commercial filming and also training or advising major organisations such as the Ministry of Defence. Featured in the World of Drones Congress as a speaker in recent years, a panellist on BBC DigiCities events and a regular contributor to online blogs, articles and social media campaigns… In person Carys is a quiet introverted kind spirit, but her knowledge and expertise deserves to be shone in the stage lights as one to watch, and one to award as a great role model both for the industry, for female tech experts and for just awesome humanity!

Carys is absolutely outstanding in her field. A hugely experienced pilot and one of the very few female flight instructors in the UK, she regularly represents the drone industry on TV and radio and has appeared on BBC News, ITV News and Good Morning Britain. She is an immense inspiration to aspiring and existing female drone pilots, and champions the industry to women and girls. She speaks internationally at a wide variety of leading industry conferences, has set up a highly popular Facebook group for women and is a Women Who Drone ambassador. Her A Girl From Above project is unique and remarkable in its beauty. Carys has been a drone pilot since the early days of licensed drone operation in the TV industry, and when I met her she was the only licensed drone pilot at BBC North – not the only female pilot but the only pilot full stop. The footage she shot and edited for BBC BodyPositive reached millions of girls and young women and won awards. Carys is remarkable, and deserves recognition for her incredible work educating and inspiring so many women to take up drone photography and filmmaking. Carys is a catalyst who supports women to access drone flying and is someone who totally leads by example and has so much impact in the work that she does. She has supported me immensely in ‘getting into’ using drones over the last few years and has built a community to support women with an interest in drone flying. She is always looking at ways to share her knowledge in meaningful ways to have impact for people in the community and she is a total trailblazer in the work that she does. I don’t know any one who is more deserving of this award, for the impact she has on and for this industry is simply outstanding. 

Also the company I work for Global Drone Training have also been nominated in the Company industry impactor

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