Aerial Uptake Film 2021

Whilst the craziness of May 2021 continued and I was asking you to vote for me in the Airwards (didn’t win but thank you so much for voting for me I really appreciated it)

I was working on a documentary for UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire ) about drones. I feel very lucky to work on what feels like a dream project. I often create corporate videos and TV documentaries this sits between the two in its editorial tone and content.

Main audience is the drone community and industry those as this is for a project called Aerial Uptake which several European cities are taking part in. This project looks at the barriers to embracing technology. Read more about the project – Aerial Uptake

Let me know your thoughts in the comments –

Click on this link to view the full film Aerial Uptake 2021 – (youtube link). Commissioned by Media Innovation Studio, UCLAN, Preston City Council and Aerial Update

Here are my thoughts of changes and ideas for things I would add / change – in note form

Resource changes
More time – more time to plan the structure and include missing voices
More drone footage of Lancashire – blessed with a lot of footage from contacts in the industry and from the contributors but more of Lancashire would have been really helpful. It rained and was windy in the week that filming was taking place. 
Directing the voice over – lack of time meant I wasn’t able to direct the voice over but then we got a professional who was brilliant but I would have changed a bit.  
General footage – some editorially I feel don’t fit with the story but we had limited time to shoot B roll footage.  We sort of made it work
Missing voices Council don’t allow drones to fly from council land even for commercial flights- why ? Do they realise that the ecconomic imput could be amazing for their county/ city. It would be good to find out why the blanket policy of no drone flights exist and see what would change that position. 
Public perception voices – who don’t like drones are worried about the privicy and safety aspect
Industry regulator CAA – time constraints and pandemic meant I didn’t get to visit and interview and then I dropped that part of the narrative
Subjects to explore further would be the actual uses – showing viewers – how they are being used in fire/ Search and Rescue  etc  – A deeper dive into these areas. Example sending drones to do inspections saves time and money and also stops a person working at height until they have to. Which actually means drones offer humans a safer working environment. 

Basic factsWhat is the drone technology and how it works ?  I felt perhaps I didn’t explain some of the more basic facts and that was something that needed to be explored from a viewers perspective, I made assumptions that people knew what what Beyond visual line of sight is .  Explination of terms.  Which would widen the audience reach to general public. Although this was made for an audience that has an understanding about drones. 
Overall though I am really pleased with the way the film turned out

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