Welcome to The Drone Lass Blog – a bit about me

I come from a production background, I have done everything from Sound recording, camera assistant and camera operator, to self-shooting PD (producer director). I have worked on science and historical films explaining complicated science theories and I have worked on TV productions in the UK for over 16 years. As a camera operator my work includes News, Sport and documentaries. I am based in the North of West of England but travel anywhere, the world is a small place.

I love cameras and tech and want to get the best out of the equipment that I use, to be creative. So with that in mind, I had been thinking about drones for about 2 years when in March 2015, I saw some footage online that just made me realise to move forward with my visual story telling. I had to learn to fly a drone to up skill. I am loving every second.   I like to research any purchases, extensively to ensure I am armed with all the facts.

This has lead me to start this blog.  I should share my findings on everything I know, mainly because there was no one I could go to ask. You’ll find there are a few commercial drone operators or companies in your area and some will share their knowledge and some will not.  You have to be prepared to put in the effort to make your PFCO work for you.  You are adding to your current skill set you can make this work, but don’t think that this is a way to get rich.

The people that will share their knowledge are very few and far between. I had no one to go to apart from the companies that sell the training and sell the equipment.

So that is why I will be telling you how the process works here in the UK to obtain you all important CAA permission for aerial work PFCO

The all important CAA PFCO– you are going to have to learn a lot of acronyms! I will be sharing all I know, and all I don’t as I make mistakes and share my learning process. I don’t confess to know everything there is about drones and cameras. I am presuming that you are already involved in photography, camera operation or TV production. In this area you may already be very established perhaps more than myself.

But please don’t think that this is the only area of drone industry, its vast and growing. Farming, Agriculture, Site surveying, Policing, Search and rescue alongside humanitarian to name just a few.

Thanks for flying by – sorry I could not resist


tweet me @thedrone_lass and I will try and answer your questions

I have my CAA PFCO and Operate Commercially as Kaiser Aerial Media

I can be found on twitter  Instagram and FB  each social media feed often has different content

4 thoughts on “About

      1. Whitney Bostick

        From the research I’ve done online it sounds like drones are prohibited in all of the Iceland’s National Parks without applying for the permit. I just wanted to confirm if my understanding was correct. The permit doesn’t appear to be a solution for the traveler who wishes to take the drone for personal use photography/ video.


  1. Hi Whitney – when I went back in April 2017 it was fine there were some places where drones were no fly – read the blog posts there were some tourist hotspots that are a no go – some of the big waterfalls and also cites.. so unless things have changed dramatically and you operate good sense. I can’t see there being an issue. Have you checked out the Icelandic Drone association and asked for their advice ? If I am heading abroad I would check via facebook groups locally as they will have more knowledge. Hope that helps


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