Links to discussion posts and longer reads. Grab a cup of tea and read on.


I am female and some of my posts are related to being female in a male dominated industry or by other females celebrating women in tech  or it might be general posts discussing the drone industry.  Slightly longer reads.

Filmconvert – Winners analysis

The backlash surrounding  the Female UK drone group

Hold off updating your DJI Go app –  still no further direction from DJI as of 9th Feb 2018

Humanitarian use of drones – Native American story

Who is flying for you? –

Northern Power 

Drone photography – Why I need to do more.

360 cameras pt 1 

360 cameras pt 2

Tips for travel to Iceland

Droning in Iceland pt1 – part travel log part droning advice

Drone in Iceland pt 2

Drone in Iceland pt 3 

Drone in Iceland pt 4

UN International girls into science

What a difference a year made for me, going freelance the highs and lows

Why you might want to enter film making competitions

International Women’s day 2017