Starting out

This page is the link to all the posts that may interest starting out with your drone in the UK and beyond.

It is really important to stay safe and learn how your drone works. Your manufacturer will have created online videos as tutorials and I will be adding further articles but these below are relevant for beginners even if you have been flying for a while, I didn’t want to call this page hobbiest

Legal flights – although this post references becoming professional this LAW and drone code we are all bound by.

Lipo Batteries – What you need to know about those batteries you are charging for your drone.

Wind measurements – With your new drone you don’t want to loose it on a gust wind. Know your drone wind resistance.

Battery heaters – There isn’t one for the phantom 4 range and the inspire 2 has self heating batteries.  It is easier to keep the smaller drones, Mavic range and Spark warm by keeping them in your coat pocket depending on how cold it is.  Still worth a read.

Flying in the cold weather