Sister Sister: All female groups, why?

Photo by Joolze Dymond

Exciting news that I have been invited to speak at a female film makers retreat in Switzerland. Evolve Retreat  There has been a lot of discussion about why only female film makers?  Female drone pilots, female camera operators and female film makers are in a minority.

Myself and some fellow female drone pilots have started an all female drone pilot group called The UK drone collective.  If we ever post in any drone groups, we get a lot of negative reaction saying that we are segregating ourselves and that it is illegal but the equality act 2010.  The law stipulates we can as a disadvantaged group can have a group that is all female so we can access employment and training and it is called positive action.  I have seen a lot of comments on social media ‘Oh here is a woman she has no friends’ when a technical question was asked.  We have been called witches and bitches for having an all female group.  Along with lots of examples of when we could also join the #metoo loads of examples of touching and unwanted attention from men whilst we are trying to do our jobs.

I am in a number of female film maker groups and female camera operator groups and I find that most of it is down to confidence or lack of confidence from the women themselves.   My mantra only thing that is holding you back is you! Which can also be applied to your own work/ career.

I have been guilty of in the past going occasionally saying  “Oh I can’t do that”. However when I look at what I have done over the years, I think I have achieved a lot, there is still however a lot more I want to do and now I feel all that is holding be back aside from money is time. Time to fit it all in.  I used to work 15 hour days sometimes 7 days a week and realised I can’t keep up that momentum. Life has taught me,  the time we have is short why should I spend it working all the time. Yes I could earn more money but would I be happy? I was recently criticised for not being hungry enough.  I don’t see that as a bad thing. I have life balance now and I will work that 15 hour day if it’s required but I will also take time out to be with family and friends to feel inspired, motivated and most importantly rested.   How much could we achieve if we built each other and supported each other?

For anyone who has criticised me, you don’t know where I have been and what I have been through but having a family loss really made me evaluate everything. That brings me back to all female groups,  I can’t tell you what it is like to be another’s shoes.  I can tell you but unless you have experienced some of it then you can’t understand just empathise. Hence you will find women trying to build others up.

We need a mixed workforce for all of the male dominated professions you may find all female groups.  The idea of positive action is to increase the opportunities for a group that is under represented in that technical field.

I have always worked in predominately male environments IT, Telecoms, TV camera and now drones and I never felt the need for an all female group however recently I have felt the tide turn and I don’t know why that is?  I still find there are some very supportive groups of men but I have recently experienced bias and I will discuss that in another blog post at some point.

I feel I need to champion other women and encourage them to fly drones and operate cameras.   By providing opportunities for women to do this we can have more confident women in technical roles.   You will know from this blog, I will encourage anyone to fly a drone and get involved in the drone industry. I am supportive all those trying to break into TV but I am also not going to shy away from all female groups.

This question to all of you female and male what do you feel is holding you back?


Photo by Joolze Dymond

The Drone Lass


4 thoughts on “Sister Sister: All female groups, why?

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  2. Mirah D Droner

    It is good to hear that there are women who are fun of flying drones whether as a hobbyist, commercial and government purposes. Together let us make a great shot and fly high.


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